Retail air barrier

Microshield air barriers seal off up to 90% of outside air and are ideal for retail facilities looking to increase their energy efficiency while enhancing their indoor comfort for workers and customers.

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• Enhance comfort for your workers and customers while saving energy by keeping excessively warm/cold air out of your facility.
• Increase worker productivity by reducing lost work hours due to illness from prolonged exposure to drafts.
• Extend the life of your HVAC system by reducing the number of cycles required to efficiently heat or cool indoor air.
• Keep out contaminants (extreme weather, dust, insects, truck exhaust fumes, etc.) and remain compliant with strict food and safety regulations.
• Prevent moisture build-up on the floor from condensation.

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36" Microshield, white, 36" Microshield, black, 36" Microshield, brushed aluminum, 48" Microshield, white, 48" Microshield, black, 48" Microshield, brushed aluminum, 72" Microshield, white, 72" Microshield, black, 72" Microshield, brushed aluminum